Change Fatigue: Finance Matters

December 9, 2018

Change is necessary if we want to grow and improve, but what do you do when those changes are coming too fast and too many at once? On this episode of Finance Matters, Patty and Brandi talk with Mary Brackett, Senior Associate with Organizational Excellence at the University of Virginia about the topic of change fatigue.  Listen in for tips on how to deal with the burnout that can come from lots of change and some insight on how organizations can make change easier for everyone involved. 


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Prosci (lots of great change management content):


Organizational Excellence:


Organization Tips: Finance Matters

November 12, 2018

As 2018 winds down and 2019 looms, you might be beginning to think about your resolutions, and/or how you'll change the way you organize your life for better productivity and less stress.  On today's episode, we have some tips you should consider for getting more organized or at least finding some organizational strategies to try.  

This is part one of at least a two-part series.  For part two, we invite listeners to submit their own organizational strategies, methods that have worked for you, and books/frameworks that you have tried.

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Fun Size Professional Tips Inspired by Halloween Candy: Finance Matters

October 31, 2018

We blame the sugar high for this one.  Listen in for a short and lighthearted episode focusing on the professional and life lessons we can learn from Halloween candy.  It's a little silly and a little serious.  Boo!


 For our Millenial audience members, here are the old school commercials we reference: 


Tootsie Pop:


Dairy Queen:



What We Learn from Failure: Finance Matters

October 24, 2018

Lynne Schwar joins Patty and Brandi on this episode to talk about failure.  Sounds like a dismal topic, right?  Nope! Managed correctly, failure is the secret to success.  Listen in to hear more about learning from failure and recovering after failures.  #FAILUP!

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The Strength of Being Vulnerable: Finance Matters

October 18, 2018

As a general rule, vulnerability doesn't sound good to us.  We'd rather be safe and protected and shielded from harm and criticism.  Yet many have pointed out that vulnerability is actually one of the most obvious demonstrations of courage, and is definitely a desirable trait for leaders.  Join Patty and Brandi as they talk about vulnerability with guest Sarah Doran. 

Resources Mentioned: 

Four ways to be a vulnerable leader:

Brene Brown and Vulnerability:

"The Man in the Arena":

The Hubbl story:


Cross Functional Teams: Finance Matters

October 11, 2018

On this episode of Finance Matters, we welcome guests Shannon Wampler and Josh Breeden of UVAFinance, both of whom are experienced members of a variety of cross-functional teams.  In this discussion, we share some stories of cross-functional collaboration, some lessons learned, and more than a couple of jokes.  

Spoiler alert: if you don't want to know what happens at the end of "A Star is Born," don't listen!

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Common Mistakes Managers Make: Finance Matters

October 8, 2018

On this pod, we talk about the very common mistakes managers make, and how to fix them.  Patty and Brandi discuss things like focusing on the negative, not giving enough one-on-one time, having an "open door policy," and several other topics that can easily trip up both new and seasoned managers. 

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Giving and Receiving Feedback: Finance Matters

October 4, 2018

In this episode, Patty and Brandi discuss the challenges to both giving and receiving feedback, whether you're a supervisor, a colleague, or just a friend.  It's important that both positive and constructive feedback be given promptly, specifically, and kindly.  In this session, we cover tips for overcoming the barriers that keep us from giving the most helpful feedback and from receiving feedback in a constructive way.  


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The One Minute Manager:

Classes from Talent Development at UVA:



Improving the Way We Work: Finance Matters

September 20, 2018

On this pod, we welcome Judy DiVita, Interim Senior Director of Finance & Administration for UVAFinance and continuous improvement guru, to talk about how a mindset of continuous improvement can help us all to get more out of our work and enjoy it while we're at it. 

 Judy welcomes questions and comments: 

Office 365


To learn more, check out for programming on Lean 

A common-sense explanation of continuous improvement: 


Part Two of Brave Space: Finance Matters

September 18, 2018
Our guest for this two-part episode of Finance Matters is Valencia Harvey, Assistant Director of the Virginia College Advising Corps and member of the HoosBrave team.  You may have gotten to know Valencia as a UVAForward presenter; in this pod, we continue our conversation about Brave Space: a framework that allows us to have the courage to be challenged, to explore the uncomfortable, and to stretch, make mistakes, and learn from one another's differences. Part two of two.
Resources Mentioned: 
Brene Brown's video on sympathy vs. empathy:
About Hoos Brave:
Hoos Brave?  is designed to help all participants think more deeply with more courage about our individual role in current state of discourse about race and difference.   “HoosBrave,” a crew of volunteers at UVA, has been developing and conducting interactive workshops at UVA for faculty, staff and students.  The free workshops have been offered since 2012 through the Center for Leadership Excellence. HoosBrave is both an intentionally diverse team and a philosophy that has adopted “brave space” rather than “safe space” as our working approach. 
To contact Valencia about HoosBrave: